Petland Albuquerque, NM

Fresh Water Fish

Fresh Water Fish

A pet fish is the ideal animal companion for you if you enjoy spending long afternoons just watching your pet move peacefully. Petland Albuquerque has aquariums filled with various types of fish. Select the ones you wish to take home and we will promptly prepare them for you. We also provide a selection of aquariums and fishbowls.

Petland Albuquerque carriers freshwater fish. We have a nice selection of fish for a community fish tank.

Some of the fish we offer:

  • Assorted Cichlids with a selection of Lake Malawi, Mbuna, Haphochromis & Peacocks
  • Community Fish: Gourami, Platies, Guppy & More
  • Unique selection of fish: Discus and other fish that change often

If you are looking for a specific type of fish, call us at 505-821-7387 and we will inform you if the inventory we have in our store.

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